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How it works

  1. Order a domain you want.
  2. Our system tries to acquire it upon expiration.
  3. If you are the only person who ordered this domain your card is charged. Otherwise, we start an auction to give everyone a fair chance.
  4. Once an auction closes, domain is awarded to the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics
What is the difference between watching a domain and backordering?
Watching is a way to keep track of domains you aren't interested in buying yet. Watching a domain will never enter you into an auction. Backordering will always enter you into an auction.
What domains are included on the Expiring Soon list?
This list is limited to the domains that have been previously parsed by our system. These are NOT all possible domains that are soon to expire. If you want a certain domain to be included just search for it and the system will track it from that moment on.
Sales & Auction
When is my card charged the $100 fee?
Only if and when you receive the domain. We do not charge your card ahead of time.
Why and when does a domain go on auction?
If more than one person orders the same domain, and our system is able to acquire it, an auction is started to give everyone a fair chance at purchasing it. The first person to have placed the order will be the first bidder at $100.
How long do auctions last?
Auctions last for 10 days. However, if anyone places a bid within the last hour of an auction, deadline is pushed ahead by an additional hour to prevent sniping.
Can I cancel my bid?
No, you can not. Every bid is considered a binding contract. Please bid responsibly.
Is my credit card information safe?
We process all payments via SSL and Stripe, the industry's leading online payment processor. Your sensitive information never hits our servers.
Why is a credit card required at all times?
Bids can not be cancelled. Thus, as long as you are participating in any active bids we must have your payment method on file.
Why am I unable to change my email or password?
Most likely that's because you logged in via one of our social login options. When you authenticate via Facebook or Google, we have no ability to change the details of those accounts.